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A Spiritual Mind is more beneficial to the World as a Whole

By:White Eagle
Date: Sun,12 Oct 2014
Submitter:Paul smith

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''Beloved children, we greet you with Love; we trust that your hearts will be stirred by the golden radiance now enfolding you. Truly the angels of Light draw very close to those who humbly seek to serve the Great White Spirit; for all service, when selfless, when given freely and lovingly, is inspired by the angels of Light working through the human soul.

It is important, in these days, for you to recognise the power of these angels, and their place in the great plan of God for the Evolution of human kind. In many religious teachings references are made to the battle of life, and sometimes the human soul is referred to as a battleground between forces of good and evil. You all know that when the conflict between good and evil, or between conscience and the lower self, rages in you, you suffer. These forces are represented by angels of Light on the one hand and, on the other, angels of darkness; and always you should seek the inspiration of the angels of Light.

You are all responsive to mental influences. when thoughts of doubt, depression, fear and anxiety creep upon you, you say that these are only natural and human; but the truth is that you are picking up such thoughts because you attract them. You are like magnets, you draw to yourselves angels of creative Light, or angels of darkness and destruction. The angels of Light come close to those who humbly and truly seek to serve the Great White Spirit.

The purpose of your life is that you should grow towards consciousness of your God-qualities; and the way to do this is for you to continually to rise in thought to the spheres of Light, continually to open yourself to the constructive forces and to the creative power of God. Through experience, and in the deep silence of meditation and contemplation, you grow towards God; by meditation on the qualities of the Divine Father and Mother you grow in spiritual stature until you become at last the perfect son-daughter of god.

We often say that all things will work out eventually for your comfort and peace and happiness; but you must work as well as pray, and you must also daily partake of an inner communion. You know this: but the demands of modern life seem so urgent that you forget the grave importance and need for this inner communion, the breaking of the bread of life. This, together with loving Service in the world, will build into your being particles of Light, transmute darkness, and overcome destructive forces which play around and within you. This is the secret of alchemy, the ancient wisdom which has always been waiting for men and women to find - the secret of the transmutation of the dark, dull, heavy metal of gross matter into the pure gold of spiritual substance.

Instruments are now being built to register the vibrations of thought, or soul vibrations; instruments which will be the means of demonstrating to humanity the reality of the invisible forces. Most of you have, in your homes, a receiving set able to register the waves passing through the ether; when you press a switch you hear music or see pictures coming, maybe, from the other end of the Earth, and you accept this as an ordinary happening. You speak into a telephone, and your friend answers you from perhaps many hundreds of miles away, though you hear the voice as clearly as if it were in the very room in which you stand.

These inventions are overcoming space and demonstrating that the ether is full of waves of sound, waves of light. But thee are other waves to which you are learning to respond. You are learning to be consciously receptive to thought-waves. You are discovering that you yourselves are receiving stations, and that by exercise of your mind and will, you can tune in to whatever station you desire. You can attune yourselves to rays from the angelic kingdom of beauty and light, or you can attune yourselves to spheres of darkness, selfishness and greed - and, because these forces are destructive, to ultimate death.

Nevertheless we must recognise that the forces of good and evil both proceed from the life of God. Many people cannot accept the truth that good and evil are both with the power of God, for God is omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent, and each being lives within the very heart of God. Yet God has two aspects, and when these are understood and rightly viewed you can see the purpose of what is called evil. For evil is in truth the involved and undeveloped aspect of life, and is also the consuming, the destructive force, the fire which tries your mettle, and absorbs and removes that which has become unwanted. Many people think that by attacking they will help to rid the world of evil, but we would say that the illumined soul refrains from attack, and instead radiates Love and Light, Beauty and Truth.

So, when you are called upon by your Karma to go through an experience from which you shrink, if you can surrender wholly and tranquilly to the eternal Light, to the pure sweet life of christ the Son, and feel the warmth, strength and comfort of his all-enfolding Love, you will find your problem will be solved, and you will be carried unscathed through your experience. But if you try to attack that which threatens to overwhelm you, you give it life.''

Learn to live in the Spirit, my children. Be strong in your inner self, and you will then naturally live a harmonious and beautiful outer life. People think that by turning their attention to spiritual matters they will get little accomplished on Earth, but this is not true. By strengthening the spirit within you, by attuning yourself to the great calm of the Christ and the teachers and saints of all time, your powers of execution grow more perfect; but when you allow yourself to be engulfed in confusion and chaos you can accomplish nothing. So be tranquil and know the Peace of God and the Joy of Life; thus you will be raising the vibrations of all life, and also of the Earth Itself.''
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