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Date: 16-Oct-2021 10:00 AM

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Date: 17-Oct-2021 10:00 AM

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An Open Letter To Leo For January 2021

By:Guy Doleman
Date: Sun,22 Nov 2020
Submitter:Guy Doleman

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An Open Letter To Leo For January 2021

Dear Leo,

We are living in strange times and the grim shadow of this dreadful pandemic has cast it's dark shadow over many lives the world over. Consequently, numerous Leo have endured a grievous loss, while many more have escaped relatively untouched. I sincerely hope you are one of the latter group. Despite the anxiety and stress you may currently feel I have a message of hope and optimism for all my Leo friends. Leo is the show-stopping star of the zodiac family. You are proud and self-reliant; generous to a fault with a warm heart that radiates good will and affection. Indeed, for you the show must go on — come hell or high water — because you are a born trouper. Leo are born performers who have that rare innate gift to magically transform mundane reality into a fairytale pageant for those they love most.

When the curtain goes up you'll be there where Providence placed you: centre stage and lightening up the world. Almost every Leo has the capacity to become Las Vegas on legs if that's what they really want. You have the heart of a Lion. You have endured much and remain triumphant. Moreover, you will continue undefeated, unvanquished, unsurpassed. Good times will return. The sun will come out from behind the clouds once again. The world needs you. You can be a talented superstar playing to an appreciative audience, or, a lighthouse of hope providing a safe harbour for those unable to weather the storm. Love and compassion shall be your guide. Success, gratitude and appreciation will be your future reward. But you need to be brave just a little while longer, then all the pieces will begin to fall into place.


Sun in 6th House signals your intention to put your brain into top gear and take personal responsibility in the areas of your life where chaos currently reigns supreme. You have given way to others who have ruthlessly exploited your reticence to their personal advantage. Your reward will be an increased satisfaction at work and possible promotion, or, at the very least appreciation for what you do well. Indeed, work becomes a means of creative self-expression and may even facilitate social and romantic opportunities.

Leo has an innate ability to thrive in careers which orientate toward art, music and virtual entertainment. Moreover, happiness and a sense of achievement will come from helping with children, grandchildren or even your little nieces and nephews. Astrological factors may stimulate your interest in new health and dietary regimes. And the influence of a caring friend may inspire a dramatic change in your clothing and personal adornment.

Sun conjunct Mercury stimulates your self-confidence and enables you to demand more freedom to express your ideals and initiate change in some very personal areas of your life, which until now, you have avoided confronting head on. New friends will imbibe your daily activities with intellectual stimulation and encourage your engagement in sporty activities. This might cover a wide spectrum of activities from sedate chess to hurtling down a steep hillside on a mountain bike. Things could all get a little hectic so remember to make time to communicate with young children and elder family members.

Romantic opportunities make you get to grips with complex travel arrangements as you consider the plausibility of making numerous short journeys made under conflicting travel restrictions. Think ahead and prepare to stand your ground in the face of mind-blowing interactions with brother, sisters, neighbours or co-workers. You have done nothing to reproach yourself for, and the storm will soon pass.

Sun trine Uranus energies may usher in unexpected good fortune and increased popularity for the majority of Leo. In addition, you might overcome some old obstacles and enjoy making new friends. This will be a liberating experience for some Leo who have had to care of elderly parents or a reluctant spouse. Indeed, it will bring a breath of fresh air into your life and enable you to experiment or flirt with new lifestyles and new ways of having fun.

Why not grab this break from routine and get involved in a group of like-minded individuals to capitalize on your new-found freedom? This could be the dawn of a new era which gives birth to exciting adventures and remarkable new romantic involvements.

Why not use this unforeseen chance to open a new chapter in your life? If I were you I'd give serious thought to developing your innate clairvoyant abilities in a stimulating group environment or via the internet. It will do you good and open up a whole new world of exciting opportunities for you to enjoy. And there's no better place to start looking than right here on The Spirit


Sun sextile Moon suggests that your bright ideas will focus on home decoration and improving your domestic environment. An increase in your spending power may come from a new house guest, or, a family member who decides it's time to contribute more toward the family budget. You begin to feel spied upon when a local gossip informs you that neighbours always have something to say about your home's occupants and their daily activities. Love lorn lonely Leo's leaving home for the first time are in for a treat when a usually boring lectures is metamorphosized into a golden opportunity to make a really hot date.

Sun sextile Neptune is good for the soul and stimulates your sensitivity to the needs of others. Consequently, you step from the shadows to help someone less fortunate than yourself. Then you do another good turn by simply listening to a troubled youngster and giving them hope for the future.

Sun conjunct Pluto aspect indicates that history is repeating itself and you might get caught up again in unfolding events related to shared money; income tax; inheritance, or, control of a joint bank account. For a second time around you may feel there is no alternative but to usher in a time of transition and reform. Some people never learn from their mistakes and you are getting sick and tired of picking up the pieces. Meanwhile, in a separate household not a million miles away, diverging attitudes to child care may need to be addressed. Everyone has an opinion about what is the best next step to take. But despite the argy-bargy nothing is done to settle the dispute. Leo students enjoying their freedom become embroiled in romantic liaisons which might provoke feelings of jealousy and anger. Someone is blissfully walking into a potential minefield. Make sure it isn't you!

Struggling to do the shopping the old-fashioned way? Perhaps it's time you eliminated some outworn ideas and get up to date. Think clever and get one of your grandchildren to show you how to shop online. Could this be the right time to stop hoarding and make room to live life uncluttered by the accumulated dross obsolete conditions?


Your home environment may become the centre and circumference of your universe this week. Walking down memory lane is natural and a comforting thing to do. But you can not live in the past. Attempting to do is potentially destructive to your future happiness. So take care not to fall back into old routines, or, resurrect ingrained emotional responses to new developments in your life. The world has changed. Therefore, I urge you to value your past but don't be afraid of your future. Now is the time to broaden your interests: matters related to holistic medicine; tarot cards; mediumship; alternative and spiritual therapies. The study of these subjects will both enhance your life and entertain your mind. Please don't dwell on past mistakes or allow childhood experiences to inhibit your future actions. Remember the Universe is on your side. So think big. Think outside the box. And be brave!


Sun in 7th House may indicate that you are about to meet some authoritative individuals as an equal. Could you be about to meet your future in laws for the first time, I wonder? Meanwhile, business orientated Leo might discover that issues related to public relations, legal activities and long term investment are on their mind all the time. That's because they know everything is up for grabs and the winner takes all.

Old friends might let you down but things get better once you are home and a fun based sense of competition leads to some silly and light-hearted banter with your partner. But — deep down — you feel still feel a need to be noticed and appreciated more by those you value most. Perhaps it's time to share your insecurities with them. If you've clocked up a few miles helping to run a voluntary organization an unexpected show of gratitude and heartfelt thanks will warm your heart and bring a tear to your eyes. Well done!

Sun square Mars energies can test the best of us, so beware scoring an own goal for which your own impulsive, competitive or inconsiderate behaviour is a contributory factor. Indeed, think twice before you approach people in authority because your intrusion might cause resentment. Additionally, romantic and social relationships might be strained by ego-conflicts or the exhibition of aggressive behaviour. Physical over exertion is a threat to the unwary or careless Leo. And things might not get much better when you take off your track shoes and go home. DIY enthusiasts are advised to take extra care, especially if they are handling corrosive chemicals, heavy domestic machinery, sharp instruments, or, power tools.

Sun and Saturn energies stimulate an increased preoccupation with long term planning. Consequently, you'll invest a lot of time in stern contemplation of your financial situation. But fun-loving Leo have a way of coming out on top even in the most taxing situations. Nevertheless, make a contingency plan to end your participation in a failing enterprise.

Many ambitious Leo will feel obliged to go for the top job and become embroiled in a little secret wheeling-and-dealing. Indeed, when you get the bit between the teeth the gloves will come off and you'll prove yourself to be a robust and capable opponent. Academic responsibilities will take precedence over pleasure activities for a short while. Numerous home loving Leo will become increasingly preoccupied with restoring their own home life balance.

Sun conjunct Jupiter will stimulate your charitable instincts and focus your interest on the well-being and continued happiness of a distant family member. Consequently, your heart overcomes your head and you reach deep down into your pocket in order to keep a roof over their head for the immediate future. You may be tasked to give a speech at an important and moving social occasion. News may reach you of an impending new arrival. This is a potentially favourable time to make important decisions regarding the education of children or oversee their spiritual welfare.

E-commerce and long-distance business transactions are possible. However, if you have a tendency to be frivolous with money apply a little wholesome self-discipline before you sign the dotted line. This is potentially an auspicious juncture to approach friends and family with requests for assistance. Many younger Leo may find this an opportune time to look sad and appeal to the generosity of The Bank of Nana and Grandad. The old folk will see straight through your act but lend you the money anyway (providing you didn't ask for too much) 'cos they love you to bits.

Sun is square to Uranus. Watch out for a tendency to apply double standards this week. What do I mean? Well, you might expect others to toe the line and obey all the rules while secretly thinking to yourself “sod this for a game of soldiers” and sneaking off at a tangent to plough your own furrow. This will send all the wrong signals to young and impressionable minds. Major changes are best avoided this week but if your hand is forced don't kick-off — simply adjust to the new status quo with graceful acquiescence — content in the knowledge that these re-adjustments will ultimately open the doors to the fulfilment of your personal goals and objectives.

Sun and Neptune energies usher in romantic opportunities for you to exploit to the full. Life's full of passion and secret assignations. Additionally, a wonderful and enchanting end to the month is suggested for creative Leo who may strike it rich doing whatever floats their boat, so to speak. Furthermore, intuitive and clairvoyant abilities are stimulated and many Leo will be moved to undertake some kind of study with a view to becoming more confident in sharing their gift with others. “Things are looking good kid. Go for it”.
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