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'the Orb Experience' - debate

By:Mark Holmes
Date: Sat,04 Jul 2009
Submitter:Mark Holmes

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After a recent experience with an 'orb', I have become fascinated by the subject and how different people perceive this phenomenom. My own relatively shallow research has currently lead me down the science path, and in particular, the research done by Klaus Heinemann. His book is dedicated to orbs and it's purpose is to prove the existence of spirits, I assume. Heinemann's background is one of science and I would argue that his initial view point on the subject matter was one of skepticism. However, he has subsequently documented thousands of photographs which he claims is evidence that that these spirits do actually exist. But am I alone in thinking that Heinemann's efforts, although admirable, will not collectively alter peoples perceptions about the spirit realm?

I myself have taken a great deal of interest in the area of quantum physics as I feel that further exploration in this area of science will ultimately reveal a great deal about our perceived physical realm and other realms. However where I differ from Heinemann is that I would not wish to capture the experience I had. My encounter was with a multi-dimensional being which was able to manipulate it's form in space time in order to interact with me. It wasn't static like the orbs you see in the photo's that people send in on the matter, but I would not be so arrogant as to totally dismiss Heinemann's methods and evidence - but I do question his motives. Whereas Heinemann wishes to convince people with the sheer weight of artificial evidence he has produced, I base my own theory and beliefs on my own spiritual experiences, which include an outer-body experience, premonitions, dreams and astral travel, and an actual experience with an orb. I have always been a spiritual person and need no convincing about the spirit realm and other realms.

My theory and beliefs on orbs are this: orbs are multi-dimensional beings which exist on a different frequency to us. They are pure thought and energy and they can manipulate space time at a multi-dimensional level. They only need to think about being somewhere and they are there because the rules of limitation and gravity, which are active in our frequency, does not apply to them. They can appear to anyone at anytime in their lives however they are most likely to appear during a momentous time or event, or perhaps, more negatively, during some form of crisis. They represent us, our truest form, although our physical bodies represent a beautiful form to them -we are confluent with each other. I say our truest form because the physical body in our realm (Earth) only has a limited life-span. Our souls / spirit transcends space and time and is therefore immune to decay, unlike the physical body.

Finally, I admit that I have not extensively read Heinemann's book but I'm sure some of his theories would concur with those of mine. However I believe the orb phenomenom is far more beautiful and complex than just a stack of photographical evidence which clearly shows orbical shapes amongst various groups of people.
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Michelle said:

hi Mark ,,i have just read ur theries on orbs ,,its wonderful what u wrote:) i have a fasination with them ,,ive been catching them on film for the past 5 yrs ,,feel free to take a look at my profile photos ,,kind regards x
Sun,16 May 2010,21:28:08 GMT

shane darbey said:

mark i found your article and the comments that been left really interesting. i have been taking orb pictures for the last three months, and what i have taken so far has taken my world to new hights and also some of the people i have shown them too.
What i have found is that lots of people dont wont to know, or even see them, this is there choice.

you have choosen to open up to the delights of these spiritual beings.


What comes will suprise you like it does me. if you want more info please email me and i and my friends from spirit will guide you and help you to gain access to more of whats out there.

best wishes shane
Wed,08 Jul 2009,11:10:10 GMT

Jane Kneen said:

Hello Mark,

Thank you for the comments you left for me regarding the Joseph on Spirit Orbs channelling.

With regards to the further information you enquired about, perhaps you could e-mail me direct on : [email protected] so I can arrange to send you a PDF which contains more information on orbs plus some other stuff which may be of interest to you.

With kindest regards,

Tue,07 Jul 2009,12:15:03 GMT

Jane Kneen said:

You may find the following transcription of interest. It was channelled by Michael G Reccia ( at a public trance demonstration held at the Sanctuary of Healing, near Blackburn on 3rd June 2009 where members of the audience were invited to ask Michael’s spirit guide, Joseph, questions relating to spiritual topics. This question was about orbs.

Mr C. Collinge: I would like to ask a question, Joseph. There is much debate at the moment regarding orbs and whether they are actually spiritual existence or whether they are just light reflected off dust particles picked up by modern digital cameras. Do you have an opinion on this?

Joseph: Yes, I have a very strong opinion on that and the answer is: you are creating technology with our help, with our inspiration (because all inspiration is filtered down from the higher levels - all your great creations, all your moments of saying ‘Eureka!’ have been because you have connected with higher levels that are trying to steer your world) and you have technology at this point that is far more sensitive than it used to be. Were you to see the spirit life - were you to see the higher spheres than this one you would be aware of brilliant colours; were you to see the Astral level that is very close to this one you would be aware of a million thought-forms, a million dreams given form by the thought process of millions of human beings. From moment to moment (as you measure it) these things - these aspects of life - are all around you.

You have cameras now that can capture the beginnings - just the beginnings - of spiritual truth. We try to influence them but you must understand that you have thousands and thousands of people who are going out trying to capture orbs! What they should try to do is to pray before they take photographs. Is to hold their cameras and infuse those cameras with love and with peace, to talk to the cameras because the camera is a part of the matrix of creation, the camera is sentient, the camera can be spoken to and can be conditioned.

If you want better orbs talk to your camera, love your camera and say, ‘I am not looking for orbs, I am looking for evidence that I can give to others that will convince others not myself’. You should not need evidence for yourself but pray for manifestations that will convince others, that will set them thinking, that will allow them to break out of their prison, that will allow them to think: ‘There’s something else! There’s something I don’t understand’.

We have recently begun to influence the lights that are picked up by the Band of Light (reference to the group that helps Michael) to include images. It is a long job because in order for us to do this we have to love the camera too, we have to love the people who are taking the photographs and we have to love the people on the other side so that their images can be reproduced by digital media. It is a long process and you will always find the field saying: ‘It is this. It is that’. If a thousand spirits now were to tap dance in front of you, there would be those looking through the windows who would tomorrow say: ‘That did not happen - it was a trick of the light!’ It is so sad that human beings are so willing to believe in everything they see on this level and yet give so little time to the possibilities within themselves.

There will be breakthroughs - further breakthroughs in technology - that will leave people as to no doubt regarding spirit communication because orbs are part of that movement of communication that will leave people with no doubt that they are capturing images, colours and scenes from somewhere else. Our worry is that people will treat this as a novelty and it takes a great deal of power, a great deal of energy to influence the cameras and the machines that you have at the moment.

There are advances in digital clarity with regard to moving images too and you will see over the next few years - over the next three years - reports on your news programs of orbs that are moving, of colours that are moving, of things photographed that were not there when the person photographed them. And this is part of our subtle infiltration of this level of existence so that we can shake those who are not at this time spiritually aware and just open that consciousness by a crack so that we can get some truth in there.

Was that answer satisfactory?

Mr Collinge: Thank you very much.
Mon,06 Jul 2009,20:30:00 GMT

Keith Clampton said:

You may find this link interesting as it shows orbs on a infra red cctv camera at a recent event.( 3rd video down)

Also Miceal Ledwith has done some work with Klaus and a lot of his own.. See his findings, dvds and books here:
Mon,06 Jul 2009,17:53:47 GMT
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